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ADRENAL SWITCH™ is quickly becoming Australia's #1 Selling Vegan Magnesium Adrenal Formula with the perfect combination of standardized Ashwagandha, bio-available Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6, L-Theanine, L-Leucine and L-Glycine to support your bodies systems that drive your workouts, help you rest and recover.SWITCH NUTRITION™ has combined all these ingredients into one incredible tasting formula for superior RESULTS, convenience and affordability.ADRENAL SWITCH™ is 100% naturally sweetened with stevia and contains ZERO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. ADRENAL SWITCH™ is...GLUTEN FREELACTOSE FREESOY FREEDAIRY FREENO ADDED SUGARKETO FRIENDLYVEGAN FRIENDLY100% OPEN LABEL100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED & MANUFACTUREDMANUFACTURED IN A GMP & HACCP CERTIFIED FACILITYADRENAL SWITCH™ is designed to support the systems necessary for your body to workout and recover. Workouts place a strain on not only your muscles but all bodily systems. The ingredients in ADRENAL SWITCH™ support your body's recovery.This makes ADRENAL SWITCH™ perfect for people pushing their body to the limits. With over 75% of our population magnesium deficient, it's time to #FLICKTHESWITCH and maximise quality of your workout and your recovery with ADRENAL SWITCH™. The above information is merely a guide and is in no way a recommendation or a treatment protocol for any health conditions or diseases. You should always consult with a qualified health care provider before changing your supplement, training or nutritional strategy. Supplementation should not be attempted by pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone on prescription medication or children under the age of 15 unless advised by your qualified health care provider.
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