Research compound T3
TRIM 3 is a is naturally produced by your body each day at a dose of around 25mcg.Liothyrone(T3) is a synthetic version of this, by increasing the levels of T3 in your body you burn fat at a higher rate.
So when taking T3 supplements you would want to be taking more than 25mcg perday.studies recomend starting at 50mcg(.5ml) per day but taking no more than 100mcg(1ml) perday.
TRIM 3 while it will burn fat also will burn through some muscle so is recomended to take with a type of anabolic supplement to prevent muscle wasteage.

TRIM 3 can give subjects:
Increased fat burning and metabolic rate.

A dose of 50-100mcg per day is recommended.

100mcg/ml 30ml bottle
THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH COMPOUND/CHEMICAL ONLY. Any information on this site is strictly for education and information purposes, this product is for use by authorized laboratory or research facilities.

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