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Big Noise

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Redcon1 Big Noise is a complete non-stimulant pre-workout supplement. This is not your typical non-stim pump product-this is a full-on performance boosting pre-workout.If you want to improve performance and induce some crazy muscle pumps this is the product to get it done!The standout of this product is the ingredient dosing.Here's a quick rundown of the key ingredients:Glycerol Monostearate 3000mg: This is a highly potent cell volumizer. It assists in keeping the muscle hydrated and assists in both cell performance and bringing in other nutrients into the muscle cell.Betaine Anhydrous 2500mg: a highly effective ingredient for improving workout performance and increasing creatine production. This allows you to push yourself harder for longer and stimulate more muscle mass.Agmatine Sulfate 1000mg: This is one of the most popular nutrient partitioning ingredients on the market and for good reason. This is a very powerful nitric oxide boosting ingredient to help to deliver more nutrients to the working muscle and induce some crazy muscle pumps! Agmatine also works well in conjunction with glycerol.CDP Choline 250mg: This is a potent nootropic to increase mental focus and alertness without being a stimulant and keeping you awake. This makes for a great training experience and you'll feel zoned in on your workout.Some of the benefits include:Proven performance boostersFull clinical dosing of all ingredientsGreat mental focusAmazing muscle pumpsComplete pre-workoutWHAT MAKES IT SO EFFECTIVE?The standout of this product is not just the ingredients used, but the doses of them. No expense has been spared putting together a very comprehensive pre-workout supplement.No matter what you train for, this product has something for everyone.HOW DO I TAKE IT?For best results mix 1 serve of Redcon1 Big Noise in 400ml water 15-30 minutes before you train.
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