Primeval Labs Pyretic Black fat burners

Primeval Labs Pyretic Black

1. What Is It? This is a fat burning supplement in a convenient capsule format. 2. How Do I Use It? Take 4 capsules 1-2 times daily.3. How Much Does It Cost? This is $69.95 for 120 capsules. Primeval Labs have again outdone themselves with the introduction of their all-new fat burning supplement, Pyretic Black. This is an energized version of the popular & effective non-stimulant fat burner Pyretic. What Are The Key Benefits Of This Product?Increased energyIncreased thermogenic rateIncreased body temperatureIncreased insulin sensitivityWhat Are Some Key Ingredients In Primeval Labs Pyretic Black?Green Tea Extract 500mg - A powerful antioxidant that helps to combat free radicals in the body to create a better fat burning environment.Olive Leaf Extract 200mg - A natural extract that helps to boost insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate metabolism.L-Theanine 200mg - Helps boost mental focus and works synergistically with caffeine. Grains Of Paradise® 40mg - A powerful patented ingredient that boosts metabolic rate, without affecting your heart rate.TeaCrine®, Caffeine Anhydrous & DiCaffeine Malate® (Yielding 260mg of Caffeine) - This combination provides an excellent, clean energy hit that will keep delivering energy over a period of time. This is just a snapshot of some of the key ingredients in Primeval Labs Pyretic Black, for a full breakdown, check out the attached fully disclosed label.
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