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Need a pre-workout that won’t quit until you do? You might want to give Loco by Myoblox a try. This pre-workout formula has been designed to help you capitalise on strength, endurance, and explosive power so you can get nothing but the very best of workout experiences.

Loco by Myoblox is a going to give you clean, long-lasting energy that will support you no matter what workout you have planned.

When you use Loco by Myoblox, you’re going to notice:
  • Improved strength output that allows you to push through even the most gruelling of lifts.
  • Enhanced focus and attention so that when you need to dial in and get the job done, nothing is standing in your way. Day to day stressors can really impact your workout performance if they are always on the back of your mind, but with this supplement, you can kiss that issue goodbye. When you’re in the gym, you’re there to do the work.
  • Energy levels that won’t quit. You’ll not only feel energised during your workout with this supplement, but you’ll maintain higher energy levels for hours to come after the workout is over. No more feeling drained after the session is over.
  • Enhanced muscle pumps, which will give you superior blood, oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle cells, boosting recovery capacity and allowing you to train more often.
  • Increased endurance – squeeze in that extra set when you otherwise would have quit by using this supplement.



Use on training days only. Mix 1 - 2 scoops with 6 - 12oz of water and consume 10 - 20 minutes prior to training. Do not consume more than the recommended dose. To avoid sleeplessness, do not use within 6 hours prior to sleep.